From Lisbon – 2 Weeks

suggested itinerary - 2 weeks

DAY 1 | Check-in In Lisbon

Area and boat briefing. Provisioning. Relaxing tours in Tagus River to get used to the boat.


DAY 2 | Sailing to Cascais | 11 NM

Soft tour within Tagus River till find the Atlantic Ocean. Spend the night anchored in the Cascais bay or in marina.


DAY 3 | Sailing to Sesimbra | 25 NM

Atlantic Ocean navigation. Heading 155ºor SSE till cape Espichel and the 065º or ENE to the marina. Stay the night in the marina.


DAY 4 | Sailing to Troia |  12NM

Leave Sesimbra and anchor for lunch along Troia's NE coast. Spend the night here anchored or in the marina.


DAY 5 | Sailing to Sines |  35NM

Atlantic Ocean navigation. Stay the night at Sines.


DAY 6 | Sailing to Sagres or Lagos |  60NM or 76NM

Leave Sines and sail all day until  São Vincente Cape and stay the night moored in Sagres.



Leave Sines and sail all day until  São Vincente Cape and stay the night moored in Lagos. Lunch in Burgau. Visit the Ponta da Piedade cliffs. Stay by night in Lagos marina.


DAY 7 | Sailing to Portimão |  07NM

Leave Sagres and sail to Portimão. Stay by night in Portimão marina.

Portimão2012_08_30_5519 913noite

DAY 8 | Sailing to Albufeira |  15NM

Leave Portimão and sail to Albufeira. Stay by night in Albufeira marina.

Albufeiraalbufeiramarina albufeiramarina2albufeira-town

DAY 9 | Sailing to Vilamoura |  07NM

Leave Albufeira and sail to Vilamoura. Stay by night and the next day in Vilamoura. In Albufeira marina you are near everything and can go and explore the village. Return by night to sleep and prepare the next day and the returning.

Marina-Vilamoura-1 vilamoura-beaches

DAY 11 | Sailing to Sagres |  40NM or Sailing to Portimão |  20NM

You choose: leave Vilamoura and sail to Sagres or Portimão. Stay by night in Sagres or Portimão. In the next day your are returning to Sines.

DAY 12 | Sailing to Sines |  80NM or 60NM

Depending on the choice the day before, you faces now 80 or 60 nautical miles heading to Sines where you will stay the night.

DAY 13 | Sailing to Sesimbra |  30NM

Heading Sesimbra in order to spend some quality time on the village and stay the night in the marina.

DAY 14 | Sailing to Lisboa |  25NM

Heading Lisboa in order to spend the night at marina and preparing everything to the  next day check out.

DAY 15 | Checkout in Lisboa 

Check out.

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