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DAY 1 | Check-in In Sines

Area and boat briefing. Provisioning. Relaxing and get used to the boat.


DAY 2 | Sailing to Cascais | 50 NM

Atlantic Ocean navigation. Sailing into the wind with predominant winds and swells  from North or Northwest.

"Renowned for its splendid white sand beach, the numerous shops and charming shopping streets and its cosmopolitanism, the fishing village of Cascais has reinvented itself and became a refined resort by the sea and one of the finest destinations in the area Lisbon.
Cascais was once an elegant summer retreat of the Portuguese monarchy during the nineteenth century and a haven for European royalty during the Second World War thanks to the neutral status of the country."


DAY 3 | Sailing to Peniche | 45 NM

Leaving Cascais in early morning and again Atlantic Ocean navigation and Sailing into the wind with predominant winds and swells  from North or Northwest.

"Peniche, the westernmost city in continental Europe, is located on a peninsula (formerly an island), with about ten kilometers of perimeter created by a tombolo. The Peniche peninsula TOMBOLO formed slowly during the seventeenth century. This strip of sand on the east coast of the island was invaded by the sea during high tide and was uncovered during vazia.Peniche tide is traditionally a fishing village where all people breathe sea, the local economy is based on fishing , conserves industry, tourism, especially nautical tourism on the Surf; Peniche is the scene of one of the events on the world circuit WSL.O Fresh fish arrived daily at the fish market is in terms of gastronomy, the best suggestion."

marinapenic fortalez


DAY 4 | Sailing to Berlenga | 07 NM

Atlantic Ocean navigation. Heading NNO to Berlenga island

"The Berlenga Island or Berlenga Grande is divided into two parts, almost completely separated by a seismic fault, the north gave rise to the so-called "Carreiro of Dogfish" and south "Carreiro Monastery". Most of the island is called Berlenga and represents more than 2/3 of the total area of the island; the lower part is called Old Island. It has 78.8 hectares of surface, approximately 1.5km long, 0.8km wide and a maximum height of 85 meters. Here is the Lighthouse "Duke of Braganza", the "Fort of São João Baptista" the Carreiro do Mosteiro beach, restaurants and camping.
It was the first protected area of the country where, in 1465, King Alfonso V of Portugal forbade the practice of hunting on the main island of Berlengas (Berlenga Grande). The Natural Reserve of the Berlenga is a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve since June 30, 2011."

berlenga berlenga2 farol


DAY 5 | Sailing to Cascais | 45 NM

Atlantic Ocean navigation.


DAY 6 | Sailing to Sesimbra | 25 NM

Atlantic Ocean navigation.

"On August 15, 1201 was granted to the inhabitants of Sesimbra the Charter of Foral, regal document of Sancho I of Portugal implementing the rights and duties. It was the reign of King Dinis, sixth king of Portugal, who created the Ribeira de Varzim Sesimbra, a small fishing village by the sea. The village has grown and became village at the time of the Discoveries. Sesimbra has become an important port of shipbuilding and ship supplies.
Sesimbra is currently one of the main fishing port, fresh fish in all restaurants is something to enjoy."



DAY 7 | Sailing to Sines | 30 NM

Atlantic Ocean navigation.


DAY 8 | Check out

Check Out at Sines

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