Sines is an industrial center, which is reflected by the location, in this county, an oil refinery, petrochemical industry, polymer construction of mechanical engineering and production cars, that promoted by the proximity of the commercial port, whose importance has been growing since the beginning of the new milénio.Vasco da Gama is the most illustrious son of the land - navigator and Portuguese explorer, he stood out for being the commander of the first ships to sail from Europe to India, the longest ocean voyage until then performed over a complete round the world by Ecuador. In a kind of disguise, the young Avis Dynasty picked up the banner of the Crusades to found a new global order, that Voltaire in 1756, summed up brilliantly: "It was this Gama trip that changed the trade of the ancient world, established since the time of Alexander, the Great."

TEJODREAMS BASE MANAGER: Fernando Sá (+351917349617)


08º 52´ N and 37º 57´ W
Tel: +351 269 860 612
09-canalvhf 9, 16
Opening Hours: 00/24h


  • 15-electricidade
  • 02-aguapotavel (1)
  • 39-sanitarios 05-balnearios
  • 31-postocombustivel
  • 24-lojascomerciais 07-bares 37-restaurantes
  • 08-boletimmeteorologico
  • 42-telefonepublico 44-vigilancia24 36-reparacaomotores 25-multibanco 26-parqueamento 13-depositoslixo 30-REDporticoalagem 33-primeirossocorros 34-rampa 16-estacionamentoseco 06-bandeiraazul

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